The Ultimate Arduino Challenge

Congratulations to the Winners of The Ultimate Arduino Challenge! The Ultimate Arduino Challenge is a global contest for professional engineers. Winners compete for the "ultimate" bragging rights and amazing prizes including a trip to Italy! Participants were given the chance to create the best product or project using Arduino hardware. Thank you to our sponsors and all the participants for making the first Ultimate Arduino Challenge such a success!

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The Ultimate Arduino Challenge has ended for 2019.

See official Rules and FAQs for general challenge information.


Arduino is at the foundation of many engineering projects. From wearable tech, to home security systems, to medical applications, the Arduino platform has plenty of potential. We’re looking for educators and engineers to take the Arduino platform a step (or twelve) further.

Round 1: Arduino Idea Sprint

Feb 26 – Apr 5

The first 150 entries in Round 1 will receive an
Arduino MKR GSM 1400 from Mouser.

In this first round of the Ultimate Arduino Challenge, there are no constraints! Do you currently have an amazing concept that you have been sitting on and just waiting for the right moment to start? It’s time for you to develop that project into a professional product. We’re looking for any and all ideas. All you need to submit is a description and an image of your idea!

We’ve only just scratched the surface of what Arduino can do, so dig deep and show us the projects that could have applications in large

scale endeavors. We’re interested in hearing your application ideas around everything be it home automation, automotive, agriculture, retails, healthcare, wearables, petroleum, chemical, or audio-visual!

Did we leave your idea out? We’d love to hear about it. Dig deep and let your imagination run wild!

Round 2: Internet of Things for Engineers

Apr 5 – May 3

The first 150 entries in Round 2 will receive an
Arduino MKR WAN 1300 from Mouser.

In the early years, the Arduino family of boards was associated with hobby projects and maker communities, but no more. The industrial IoT space has embraced the Arduino’s compact form factor, established support, and open source design to develop unique connected solutions.

It’s time to connect your project to the bigger picture. In this round, we’re asking you to build something and we want to see your take on IoT solutions with Arduino at the heart of the project. Monitor the environment, automate a common task, or harness low-power connectivity with one of the many shields to expand the scope of your project.

Start from scratch, or modify an existing design, but remember that we’re looking for IoT beyond the living room. Focus on industrial-sized solutions: manufacturing, efficiency, and optimization. Show us what Arduino can do!

Round 3: All About Data: Logging, Acquiring, and Calculating

May 3 – Jun 7

The first 150 entries in Round 3 will receive an
Arduino MKR ZERO from Mouser.

In the world of engineering and research, data is our currency. An efficient data logger, armed with the proper sensors, can gather and plot data for a variety of useful purposes. While many industrial and educational organizations rely on USB data acquisition devices, the cost of both the hardware and software can become a major obstacle.

This is where the Arduino comes in. By combining low-cost hardware and open source software, robust data collection systems are within anyone’s reach.

It’s time to show us what you’ve got by building something that collects data. Leverage the Arduino and analog sensors to gather digital data. Send it in real-time through the serial port, log it onto a SD card, or use Wifi to send it into the cloud, the choice is yours.

We’re looking for innovation across the entire process. Show us unique gathering techniques, high quality plotting, and graphing using Arduino’s one step serial monitor. Bonus points if your solution looks nice and offers portability. You can even take things one step further by showcasing viable uses for the data you’ve gathered as well.

Meet the Judges

A panel of notable figures from the electronics engineering world have been selected to judge the Ultimate Arduino Challenge.

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